Dr. Jim Kiernan DC. MS.


At a young age Dr. Kiernan knew he wanted to help people. His journey all started one weekend after his father, Mr. Kiernan, threw his back out and decided to go to the local Chiropractor. Having witnessed his dad go from being in extreme pain to virtually pain free, this singular experience inspired a 35-year career in helping people feel better. Throughout his career, Dr. Kiernan tested several treatment methods, published scientific research, and read endless volumes of texts, all of which have contributed to his understanding of the human body. He has worked with a wide array of patient populations ranging from professional athletes to professional heroes (FDNY/NYPD). With his hands on clinical experience, Dr. Kiernan designed a self-treatment method which is now referred to as the “U-Fix-Method”. 

The significance of having someone be able to treat themselves ties into this company’s mission which is to help as many people as humanly possible. He realized that the only way to achieve that goal, is to help YOU help YOURSELF. It is from this core value, that the U-Fix-Method and U-Fix-tool was created. 


James P. Kiernan CPT, SPT


James Kiernan, son of Dr. Kiernan, is a third-year Doctor of Physical Therapy Student and has a multi-disciplinary background in both psychology, music, and health. James started his collegiate career exploring a passion for music. He eventually came to realize that it was his understanding of how music made people feel that seeded an interest in learning more about the human body. While completing his college degree, James continued to work as a personal trainer for Equinox in Chelsea, Manhattan, James trained high end clients ranging from former Olympic athletes to CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies. Though this experience combined period of growth, he discovered that his ultimate purpose in live was that of the same as his father, to help as many people with true intrinsic motivation. Now as he finishes up his doctorate degree, James looks forward towards building a future in health care so that he can continue his father’s mission.