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    The U-FIX Ambassador Program is comprised of a diverse team of notable athletes, coaches, health professionals, and practitioners. They represent our brand at hundreds of events around the world and work closely with UFIXTHETWIST on refining new products and educating others.


    1. Receive a U-Fix Original or U-Fix Sport after 1 month of participation or 10 referrals.
    2. Discount codes for close friends and family.
    3. Inclusion in future product testing.
    4. Get listed on our site as an official partner.


    • 10% of net revenue
    • Payments sent monthly through PayPal
    • 5$ minimum payment amount


    1. You must be over the age of 18.
    2. You must have an understanding of the human body either through higher education, national certifications, and or licenses.
    3. Daily content on social media is strongly recommended to increase your visibility.
    4. Represent our brand professionally and provide information to the public about our products.
    5. You may be selected to represent us at special events/expos/trade shows etc. in which case, additional compensation will be provided.

    Email info@ufixthetwist.com