An immersive 2 session, 16 hour total didactic course that equips trainers with
a comprehensive self-assessment and treatment strategy through the use of a new self-mobilization tool called "The U-Fix".

Our self assessment sequence reveals where the body requires treatment through a step by step funnel that hones in on specific structures that are limited. The course will also teach health and fitness professionals the most effective way to help clients achieve balance physically and mentally by providing a straight forward program that clients can easily incorporate into their fitness routine . Ultimately, you will learn how powerful the U-Fix Self-Applied Program can be when used before, during, and/or after workouts.

It only costs $650, making it an affordable option for trainers of all specialties looking
for a method to increase client results and retention. The knowledge you receive,
skills you acquire, and benefits enjoyed as a certified U-Fix instructor, make this one of the most attractive programs for trainers seeking a new, innovative method for their clients.

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