• Physical manifestation of stress, often so present that it is ignored until it produces pain. It is an indispensable bio-marker in understanding both pain and faulty movement patterns (biomechanics)
  • It can affect all movements of the body from the cervical spine to the feet and it reflects an imbalance in the autonomic nervous system caused by an abundance of three forms of stress:
  • The Twist is ingrained and conditioned when these stressors are not followed by a recovery period. While there are different types of stress, mental stress is the origin of all stressors.


How do I know if I am in the Twist?

To answer this question, we like to use a hypothetical thought experiment. Imagine yourself waking up on Monday morning getting ready for work. It's 6 AM and your alarm goes off which jolts you out of bed and into the shower. Now it's 6:15 AM and you hop out of the shower and get dressed. By 6:45 AM you're out the door and on your way into work with an empty seat next to you on the train. Station after station, the train becomes packed with people standing shoulder to shoulder yet you still have an open seat next to you. You start to wonder why no one has taken the available seat when you notice your reflection in the window and see your entire head covered in soap which you forgot to wash off. Maybe it was the poor sleep you got the night before or maybe it's because you were thinking about the big meeting you have with your boss later this afternoon. Whatever the reason, STRESS was there. So the moral of the thought experiment is this: sometimes stress shows up and we don't even realize it's there. This happens to everyone and it is unavoidable. The Twist is stress in it's physical form and the only way to manage it, is to untwist on a regular basis. 

What does the Twist feel like?

Everyone's perception of stress is unique and it is all relative to the individual. As stated previously, the Twist is the body's automatic response to stress. In the beginning phases of stress you may not even notice it because the body's natural tendency is direct it lower threats towards the subconscious mind, so that the conscious mind can maintain a clear intersection so that if threatened, it can be prepared to make a necessary action. While this evolutionary mechanism is good in terms of survival, we are no longer cave men anticipating an ambush. Over time, the subconscious stress pools and eventually can lead to any condition that falls under the umbrella of autoimmune diseases such as psoriasis, fibromyalgia, and irritable bowel disease. Acute injuries can also be brought on by the Twist however it is more common that chronic conditions that develop over a life time can  be traced back to the Twist

So, how do I fix the Twist?  

 The foundation of our success is built upon our theory of what happens to the body when it encounters stress. This is what we refer to as The Twist.  Along with our patent pending tool U-Fx and comprehensive Self Applied method, we seek to provide the best resources in the wellness industry. Our company was founded to help health-conscious individuals restore and maintain a healthy balance. With that said, we came up with 3 core values that shape our vision.