Our Core Values.

We help you, fix you.

 Our mission is to help you feel better, move better, and live every day to your fullest potential.As the old proverb states, if you give person a fish, you'll feed them for a day; if you teach a person to fish, you'll feed them for a lifetime.Our motto is, if you teach a person how to use the U-Fix, you'll untwist him for a lifetime. With this in mind, Dr. Kiernan developed the U-Fix tool and self-applied method from decades of hands on clinical experience and scientific research.

We Actively stretch.

 In order to achieve a true lasting change in tissue length, you need to actively stimulate the body to produce new elongated chains of collagen fibers which over time, leads to an increase in tissue length. This process only occurs through active stretching and before the invention of the U-Fix, the only way to facilitate this process was by going to a physical therapist or chiropractor. Anything self-massage involving passive stretching will only provide temporary relief and not correct the underlying issue.

We believe in the Twist.

 The Twist is our way of describing what happens to the body in response to stress. With 35 years of hands on experience, our founder Dr. Jim Kiernan D.C., M.S. has hypothesized the existence of a right sided musculoskeletal bias that is the first domino in a line of many that eventually leads to acute and/or chronic conditions. By following the U-Fix daily, you can now address your body's needs before its to late. 



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